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The ISOC IoT SIG was established on November 17, 2017 by a group of ISOC members from Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. At first stage, we were not more than 120 members. Now this is a community that brings together more than 900 professionals, experts and not only them from all continents except Antarctica. But we are confident that scientific and technical progress will roll-out to the participation of penguins in our work.

Our members represent various fields of activity: among us there are network specialists, programmers, students and teachers, representatives of the civil sector, lawyers, security specialists, developers of IoT devices, developers of systems based on these devices, who maintanence or operate of the IoT systems, and other folks who are simply interested in knowledge of IoT.

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You also join to our SIG:
1) https://admin.internetsociety.org/622619/User/Login
2) Choice the Login or Register option
3) In the section «My Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIG)» choice «Join a Chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG)» option
4) Find the «Internet of Things SIG» and press «Join Chapter/SIG» button
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