About Us

Purpose and scope of the SIG

The ISOC IoT SIG is formed to achieve the following tasks:
• The developing, studying and researching of the effective and appropriate solutions to IoT security challenges that are well suited to the scale and complexity of the issues as matter of the collective obligation ensure;
• The developing, studying and researching of the individual privacy challenges across a broad spectrum of expectations, while still fostering innovation in new technology and services, in the spheres, related to IoT;
• The developing, studying and researching of the tasks for unique needs and challenges of implementation in less-developed regions will need to be addressed, including infrastructure readiness, market and investment incentives, technical skill requirements, and policy resources within facilitate information and technological development of the Internet;
• The studying of the legal, regulatory and associated policy issues connected with the rapid rate of change in IoT technology, which frequently can not to adapt to relevant modern situation on the market;
• To engage the youth, students, educational, universities community as well as within widest layers of Internet users for expanding knowledge, bringing extra-education, and giving them practical skills to work with Request For Comments (RFC) and best practices in IoT and to promote scientific, educational and cultural achievements;
• To encourage and reach cross regional and global community cooperation in the area of IoT;
• To assist in design, development and application of electronic communication means, to provide support to organizations, rendering communication services and information backing within the IoT environment;
• To organize training, refreshing courses, skill upgrading undertakings in communications, law, computer sciences and information technologies for the cross regional and global community environment and with Partners from other Chapters and SIGs;
• To organize and run symposia, conferences, exhibitions, shows, festivals, presentations, auctions and other events, including those international by nature, incidental or conductive to any of the objectives of the SIG.

Executive Board of the ISOC IoT SIG:

Chapter Chair Yuri Kargapolov

Vice Chapter Chair Vahan Hovsepyan

Chapter Treasurer (Financial Officer) Vladimer Svanadze

Officer Natalia Filina