ISOC Informal Chat: Privacy issues in the aftermath of Covid-19

On May 7, the ISOC Informal Chat on the topic: «Privacy issues in the aftermath of Covid-19» was held.
It was a discussion engaged +100 participants who sharing their unique perspectives and experiences.

The presentation was led by Stefano Zanero, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano, moderated by Frederic Donck, European Regional VP, with commentary from Robin Wilton, our Director of Internet Trust.

Speakers and participants discussed issues relating to privacy, security, trust, and the technical solutions proposed for tracking and tracing Covid-19 contagion.

This was second (first) in a series of technical and policy Chats of the region — an interactive platform where European community present issues and challenges that you face and hear how you react to them.

Video (source#1, source#2 with transcription) is available.