The April IoT SIG e-Meeting was focused on IoT development issues and COVID-19 situation

e-Meeting the ISOC IoT SIG
Thursday April 30, 2020
Сommunication: Zoom session

In accordance with a Doodle survey (April 16-27), the date and time of the April IoT SIG e-meeting were determined. Poll results:

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The e-meeting was dedicated discussion on opportunities, changes and challenges for the IoT industry during the new reality — covid19 and the role of IoT SIG as a global community and platform for sharing expertise and collaboration.
Our discussion payed attention on the special demands and requirements of COVID-19 time for solving current problems of IoT industry: trust, legislation, technologies, logistic, response actions in emergency situation and quality of information.
We honor to met at the e-meeting our special guests and experts: Craig Spiezle and Wout de Natris.
Craig Spiezle is one of the founder and developer of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), now part of ISOC.
Wout de Natris is working within the MAG Internet Governance Forum. In 2018 He is an author of the ‘Strengthening cooperation within the context of the IGF: A roadmap for 2018’ and he is working now for the MAG IGF on the issue “the implementation or deployment of internet standards” (download the report).
Peter Wacher (expert of standardization of IoT and edge computing, trust, smart cities, takes a part of IEEE processes) proposed to present standardization efforts as webinar topic.
Agenda of the meeting included regional aspects:
As Steve Olshansky said that the UK, a government department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport, developed a very good IoT Code of Practice, which was then taken to ETSI and standardized, and recognized. It’s In the process, or maybe has already completed the process, of becoming a European norm for the EU member states to use.
Following the initiative from the 2019 SIG IoT General Meeting, Benjamin Akinmoyeje presented the report «The organization of work on the IoT Research in Africa». Benjamin invited SIG members to take part in this work and contribute to the basic document.
For SIG members who could not join the e-meeting we kindly ask to find below:
1) the transcription (let express the deep gratitude to Joly MacFie for his help in preparing the transcription),
2) the videostream,
3) the minutes (will be presented soon).
If you did not attended to e-meeting can give and put forward suggestions regarding the issues discussed.
Please, take your attention to the information on small and big grants program.
We are open for your suggestions regarding future topic of e-meetings and webinars.