The GM began and continues

First of all, let express a great appreciation to all the GM’s participants.
We had 18 heroes.

Taking into account the existing reality:

  • we done Agenda, including the Report and discussions on points 2-7 of Agenda.
  • we decided to hold the General Meeting during several days and move the discussion platform to a mailing list that each of you to read as a result now
  • as we understood, in current situation, this is the only one variant for constructive work aimed at the future
  • we still don’t know how many days will continue our the General Meeting, but we know exactly what we want to achieve our goals. The goals can be found in the presentation.
  • we open the discussion and give the start for the nomination of candidates for Standing Committees

The General Meeting have suggestions on 2 points:

  1. to establish a questionnaire on the IoT issues that are relevant for specific regions. The creation of such a questionnaire and then work with the questionnaire.
  2. to start work on the systematization of knowledge and technology, which can form the basis of an online guidebook for the creation of training programs and Curricula not only for the students. Such a manual should be open, online available, and contain relevant information.

We have an interesting job to create a such professional community that has never existed before in the world.

The minutes of the GM first part and more detailed points of discussions will be published soon. The record of the GM will be published soon.
The GM is continues.

If any of participants think or feel that something is not reflected in this email, please add it in mailing list.